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It’s Pixel Fix Friday!

Wherein I post one or more photos I’ve taken, and write about ’em. And that’s it. No biggie. Just a pixel-fix on my part. Each and every Friday.

El Dor-aaaahh-doh....

I live in the inner city, and one of my favourite things to do is wander down the back alleys of my neighbourhood.

Because, even though much of my neighbourhood has “turned over,” and there are many new developments, there’s still a lot of older construction around.

This is a parking PALACE I say. And it's blue. We like blue.

AND there are no longer any nit-picky architectural controls like the ones you find in suburban developments.

A Trash Can House.

Yup. In this neck of the woods, you can paint your house any colour you want.

Green Brick, Red Roof, Metal Stove Pipe sticking out, Window fenestrations. I love this shit.

No need to conform to those soul-sucking taupe and grey tones enforced by housing developers.


Welcome to freedom and whimsy, I say.

And I think it really enlivens my community.

Wow. Trash can. You're cool.

It’s interesting.

It's a bag of apples. In the trash. That sorta sucks.

Both the new stuff and the old.

But especially the old stuff. I love the old stuff. The quirky, funky, bashed-up, old stuff.

The stuff that practically emotes the passage of time. Metal stuff, stone stuff, weathered wood, and jumbled rocks….

It all seems so much more real to me.

It’s certainly less affected than the front street.

And you never know what you might find behind the facade of that front street either.

It’s always an adventure.

And it’s all there to discover in the back alley, as you crunch your way along the gravelled path.

Cruncha. Muncha.

Have a happy day.


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