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It’s Pixel Fix Friday!

Wherein I post one or more photos I’ve taken, and write about ‘em. And that’s it. No biggie. Just a pixel-fix on my part. Each and every Friday.

Garbage Delight

And so it goes.

Hatless but not Heartless.

So soon after I took it upon myself to champion the wonders of the back alleys of my neighbourhood, our city council does the unthinkable.

They switch to the automated black cart garbage collection system.


Which means, of course, that each and every household in Calgary will now receive a big black plastic cart (same size and shape as the blue recycling carts), in which to place their garbage.

Which, (all efficiency, money-savings, tidiness, safety issues, and monotony, aside) basically means this:

The impending demise of my beloved, humble, bashed-up, scratched-up, bent, and old, metal garbage cans.

Oh, Trash Can my Trash Can!

And so today’s Pixel Fix Friday! is dedicated to the once ubiquitous metal garbage can.

Please. Don’t go.


Gone but not Forgotten.

Oh trash can! Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee, my friend, it tolls for thee!

And now, a partial poem from a favourite childhood book:

With a nip and a nibble

a drip and a dribble

A dollop, a walloping bite:

If you want to see grins

All the way to my shins

Then give me some Garbage Delight.


R. I. P. Trash Can.

(I know, I know. Try not to think about it.)

And have a happy day anyway.


The above poem is a partial excerpt from the title poem in Garbage Delight, written by Dennis Lee.
Creative Commons License Images are by Kim Faires and are licensed under a Creative Commons.


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