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It’s Pixel Fix Friday!

Wherein I post one or more photos I’ve taken, and write about ‘em. And that’s it. No biggie. Just a pixel-fix on my part. Each and every Friday.

Except this Friday. This Friday, I’ve matched the photos to the writing, instead of the other way around.

This is a happy face balloon. Grrrr.

Yup. And perhaps we should even go one step further and call it Pixel Fix Piss-Off….

Because there I was. In a library. Trying to write.

Until I was distracted by the young lady behind me who took it upon herself to have a little conversation on her cell phone.

Hm. Not entirely positive, but I'm pretty sure that sign says "Quiet Study Area."

And now I’m writing about that, instead of…oh, I dunno, something else.

But maybe this is a RANT, you say, and not a Pixel Fix?

Hmmm, true, true. It initially felt like a rant, because when the incident occurred I certainly felt my ire rise.

But then I thought about it for a bit, and decided that this whole thing bears a little investigation.

But first, let’s reveal what happened exactly, shall we?

I was sitting in a carrel. In what I’m pretty sure was meant to be a quiet study area in a library:

I am focused. And I am thinking.

The girl behind me gets on her cell phone, calls someone, and leaves a voicemail message. (This, at everyday speaking volume, I might add.)

This is my cell phone. Notice I'm not on it.

I say to myself, “Ok. She just left a quick message. Rather loudly. But, you know, not a lot of harm done.”

I go back to thinking.

She picks up her phone again, and calls what I assume is the same person, to make clarification on the message she just left.

Still my cell phone. Still not on it.

Right. Pushing my buttons a little eensy bit here…but, alright. If you make a mistake, you make a mistake. Obviously, an important message needed to be clarified. Fine. Over and done with.

I go back to thinking.

Then: Her cell phone actually RINGS.

And she proceeds to fucking answer the thing and carry on a ten minute conversation at regular speaking volume.

In. A. Library. [Did I mention I was in a library?]

These are hot peppers.

I am no longer thinking.

I am seething.

My temper molecules have bounded out of bed and are howling at the top of their lungs.

[I can’t take a picture of these. They’re invisible to the naked eye.]

If I had a book, I’d throw it at her.

This is a book.

But I don’t have a book. I just have my laptop.

This is my laptop.

[Hmmm. Laptop. No. Too valuable to risk throwing at her.]

So, instead, I just take a deep breath.


I get up.

[Dart seething look behind me at the evil perpetrator of this outrage.]

And leave.


And that’s when I start thinking about baseball caps.

This is a baseball cap.

‘Cause that’s one of the things I will always remember about my Dad. He is a retired high-school English teacher, and I remember how angry he used to get when students wore their baseball caps in his class. He would make them take them off.

Now, Dad grew up in a time when men commonly wore hats and it was considered highly impolite for them to wear their hats inside, or at the dinner table. It was customary, and considered good etiquette, to remove your hat. That’s just how Dad was raised.

By the time I (his youngest daughter) was in high school, baseball caps had become the norm for both men and women, and the old rule about taking them off was starting to disappear–even at the dinner table. So, I remember feeling somewhat perplexed at my Dad’s ire over such a simple thing.

Today, of course, you can step into just about any café or restaurant (provided it’s not too high-end), and find people sitting at tables with their hats on.

This is Blu wearing her baseball cap in the house. She takes it off at the dinner table though.

So, I got to thinking about my little cell-phone-pissing-me-off-in-the-library event, and I asked myself, “What just happened here today?”

Did I just witness an act of momentary rudeness and insensitivity? One that anyone, regardless of age, would feel irritated by, or find unreasonable?

To where? God?

Or is there a generational gap at work here? Are the social mores of someone who didn’t grow up with cell phones clashing with those of someone who did?

I’d really like to know.

So, if you are reading this, and you are someone who can’t recall a time without cell phones, I’d be really interested to hear your take on it. Hell, even if you are someone who can remember a time without cell phones [Whoa. Dinosaur.] I’d like to hear from you.

So go ahead. Respond here, or on facebook (if you’re in my network) or drop me a note at kimfaires {at} gmail {dot} com, and tell me what you think.

Don’t be shy. Tell me how you really feel.

Tell me I’m old. I can take it.

Of course, my little temper molecules might not like it, but, you know, they’re rock solid–they’ll live.

And have a happy day.


Creative Commons License Images are by Kim Faires and are licensed under a Creative Commons.

4 comments on “It’s Pixel Fix Friday!

  1. sailingindreams
    October 15, 2010

    I ABSOLUTELY get what you are saying! Have some common decency! I was in church a couple weeks ago and we were in the middle of prayer…THE MIDDLE OF PRAYER… and a lady not only answers her phone, but then goes on to have a conversation with the person… IN THE MIDDLE OF PRAYER! Yeah, had to turn the other cheek on that one. But it bugs me when people can’t shut their phone off in places like a library or a movie theatre (don’t even get me started on that). I mean, can’t we live an hour with out being plugged in to the world? Man, I would hate to see what would happen if the web crashed or the mobile network went down.
    Okay, I will digress now. LOVED the photographic story though. BRILLIANT!


    • kim
      October 15, 2010

      Guffaw! Touched a nerve on that one, hey Chels? HaHa! Awesome. ;) I fully concur, btw.


    • nlburrows
      October 15, 2010

      Unless it was God calling on her phone, that really takes the cake! Yikes.


      • kim
        October 16, 2010

        Surely the Big Guy (or Gal, or, uh Concept) doesn’t need a cell phone….


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