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It’s Pixel Fix Friday!

Wherein I (sometimes) post one or more photos I’ve taken, and write about ‘em. Each and every (occasional) Friday.


This is a rock.

Little Rock

Perched on a folded deck chair.

He’s an interesting little rock that I found on the shore of a lake, and I brought him home with me.

I have a huge tendency to anthropomorphize things.

Especially rocks.

It makes it really hard to get rid of them. [I worry about their fate.]

My partner is used to it, though. He finds little rocks in various places all around the house, and when he’s tidying, he just picks them up, dusts around them, and then lovingly sets them back down.

Because he knows. He knows that in my world that little pebble has a soul.

And so he lets it be.

[I love them.]


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2 comments on “It’s Pixel Fix Friday!

  1. Sarah Heyman
    August 25, 2013

    I remember the one you slipped into Jean-Guy’s pocket. x


    • kim faires
      August 25, 2013

      It was a necklace. Remember? A little fimo skull on a leather cord. We bought them together as a kind of friendship pact. I put mine in his pocket.

      I miss him.


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