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Project 365

Strobist Portrait: Elephant on Red and Orange

The ubiquitous 365-day photo project.

I must do one.

I’ve been wracking my brain of late, surfing the net, trying to come up with a photo project idea to get me out shooting more — and working on my camera skills — and I kept coming across Project 365s. But I kept dismissing them as a possibility for me.

Until I realized how much the idea scares me.

365 days? Straight? EVERY day? I pictured myself slacking off, getting frustrated and giving up, or cheating and posting old photos from my library instead of taking a new one each day, or worse: slapping up crappy shots that I put no effort into. I told myself 365 days straight was just too much. Maybe I should try 52 weeks or a monthly theme or …

… maybe I should just fucking do it. Face fear, resist resistance. Challenge myself and see where it takes me. Right?


So, the goal is to get better with my camera, and to do that I need to shoot more.

So shoot I will.

Project 365 starts on May 1st. Here are the rules:

There are none.

I lied. There are two:

1. The photo must be with my DSLR and not my iPhone.

2. I must post a photo that I took that SAME day. No retroactive posting of photos allowed.

All photos will be posted here, and on my Flickr page.

Also: I didn’t take the above photo. I just like it. [I like elephants.] It’s from another Project 365 by this guy:

See you in a couple days!

Photo by Greg McMullin via a Creative Commons License on Flickr.

6 comments on “Project 365

  1. dnorman
    April 29, 2014

    awesome. it feels daunting to get into it, but it kind of changes how you see things. I’ve been doing it for awhile, and can’t imagine stopping. Started as a way to learn the doodads on my DSLR, now it’s more of a memory aid than anything.


  2. dnorman
    April 29, 2014

    and I wound up letting go of the must-post-same-day-as-taken thing. I seem to do it in bursts – I take the photos every day, but they don’t always make it online until the Big 365photos Album Upload shortly after new year’s.


    • kim faires
      April 29, 2014

      Yeah – the DAUNTING thing is the primary reason I chose to do it. I could use a little (a lot) more discipline in my life, that’s for sure, and I’m hoping something like this will help me cultivate some. Plus, I figure if it scares me, I must really want to do it. Weird, I know.

      And MAN! I just noticed that “must post same day” thing. Aw, fuck. I think what I meant to say was that I had to take a NEW photo each day, not necessarily post that photo the same day. But now I re-read it, I can see that it clearly says I must post the same day that I shoot. Huh. Who wrote that!? Haha. Alrighty, then. Onwards.


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