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Project 365 Day 2: Dead Soldiers et al.

Empty bottles by a window

Day 2 of Project 365:

I don’t like this photo. I didn’t want to post it. I think it’s bad.

But who the hell do I think I am anyway? Ansel Adams?

[No. Clearly.]

Plus, it’s Friday night, and I want to kick back with a glass of wine.

So this is it. Photo number two. TWO! And I’m already wrestling with my own ego/resistance/perfectionism/whatevs.

I wish the bottles were positioned differently. I wish it were brighter. I wish the label on the first bottle was tack sharp, instead of fuzzy.

I wish I wish I wish.

No one told me that a Project 365 — in addition to improving my photography — would also bring me face to face with myself, my hang-ups, and what it means to be honest, and creative, and to put it all out there.

Normally it’s just the world of acting that does that to me.

After all, it’s just a freaking photo.


This reminds me of an article on creativity that I just read at Holstee. Helen Williams writes:

If we can stop ourselves from asking “Is the work good?” and instead focus on what we’re learning from it, then we can dramatically alter the reasons why we choose to be creative in the first place: not for the nods of approval or widespread understanding but for our own personal breakthroughs, of churning through a “huge volume of work” most of which will be terrible, but it is only in those rough drafts and sketches and outlines that we piece together our true intentions. Through the rubble and discord comes our best ideas, but these ideas can only rise to the surface after time invested digging, elbow-deep in the dirt and the disaster of the climb.

Ok, then.

I’m off to dig in the dirt and disaster.

See you tomorrow.



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