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Project 365 Days 5 – 10: Truth

Black & white photo of a pair of hands.

There is no hiding from yourself.

No hiding from your Hopes, Dreams, Fears, Desires, Disappointments, or Vulnerabilities. Not in the long-term anyway.

Eventually — ultimately — you will face who you are.

And if you wanna create? Well, then you MUST face yourself. And you must do it sooner rather than later. Before it’s too late.

Project 365 is making me uncomfortable.

I feel vulnerable. The voices of judgement are reverberating from the walls of my mind. [They are LOUD.] They are familiar. I hear them, but I’m trying not to listen to them.

Above — Day 10 — is the best picture I took in the last 6 days. At least, it’s the most interesting. To me, anyway.

The other 5 are … well, they are what they are. THAT is one of the things I’m learning.

But I like the Hands. A person’s Life can be seen in their Hands.

These are mine. Have you seen yours?


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