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2015 Week 2: A Picture Paints 1000 Words (or More!)

Woman petting dog on a snowy field

This week’s photo is not by me.

It’s a photo OF me.

Me and Rosie the Beautiful Farm Dog.

A humble, low-res, snapshot, taken by my teammate with her cell phone.

And I like it — because it tells a story. In fact, it tells many stories. One or two that I’m aware of, a few I might guess at, and a possibly infinite number that I can never know.

The factual circumstances are that it’s a photo of me petting Rosie at the side of a snowy rural road, on a frigid winter morning, at a bed & breakfast, 3 km outside of Hanna, Alberta, where my teammates and I were attending a hockey tournament.

I know what my story was in the moment that this picture was taken.

I know what story it’s telling me now, as I look at this photo and think about the events of my life this last week.

It’s a story of friendship.

But, I wonder what story it might be telling you, as the visuals, and the circumstances of the photo, gently blend with whatever it is you’re carrying inside you, to form a new story.

Your story.

Maybe you’ll tell your story. Maybe you won’t.

I’m keeping mine to myself.

This time.



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