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2015 Week 4: The Joker is an American Innovation

Red and Black Playing Cards - Kings, Aces, Jokers


From my Knaves of Charlemagne Card Deck:

“The four suits (hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds) originated in France in the late 1400s…. In early games, the Kings were always the highest card in the deck. However, special significance began to be placed on the Ace. This change was hastened by the French Revolution in the late 1700s, when games began being played “Ace high” as a symbol of the lower classes rising above the monarchy. The joker is an American innovation, created for the game of Euchre. Use of the joker as a wild card spread to Europe when Poker became popular.”

That’s it.

Aces, Kings, and Jokers.

Within those cards you play with dwells the personalities of people and nations.



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