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2015 Week 5: It’s all in the Wrapping

Fast food burger sitting on its own wax paper


Hump day ends with a burger.

A squished, sloppy, all-in-one, nutritionally-scary, quicky meal, wrapped in a pale, partially-translucent, square of waxed paper.

Paraffin paper! — the parchment is a large part of the experience of the fast food burger.

It adds auditory satisfaction to the unwrapping of the meal. It catches all your drippings. And then it puts a period to the meal’s end when you crumple it in your hands and toss it in the garbage.


Week 5’s been a busy week of long hours deliberating over and executing the minutiae of getting a small business up off the ground and running smoothly.

It’s been some kinda good, messy fun — it’s hard work, and it can be scary, but it’s also wrapped in the satisfaction and freedom of working for oneself.

It’s good. Like a burger.

Wrapped in the waxy stuff.




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