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2015 Week 6: The River is a Circle

Detail of the Bow River covered in ice


I remember sitting by the river years ago.

A friend had just died.

I sat there staring at the river, wondering: how can it just keep flowing like that?

Looking up, I watched the people walking by, on their way to work, or to run errands. Or something. How can they just keep going on like that?

Relentlessly on and on.

Despite how crushed I felt.

Despite my shattered heart.

Today, my community of friends lost someone much beloved. And though I did not know him personally, I still feel shattered.

Shattered over the loss of a great artist whose work touched me on countless occasions. Shattered for the loss of a man whom so many loved, and so deeply.

Shattered for the loss of my friends’ friend.

Shattered for the loss of what might have been.

And still the river flows on. But I think, now, that she is trying to tell us something.

We are all connected, she says. We are all together in this, moving and flowing as one.

Be kind to one another.


And know that I am a circle, she says, and not a line.


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  1. sailingindreams
    February 11, 2015

    Beautifully said Kim.


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