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2015: Weeks 8 + 9 = The Will to Coffee

A circular pile of coffee beans

It seems fitting that a harried post conflating two weeks into one, would have something to do with coffee.

I know I should give this substance up. I know that all sorts of benefits come to those that give this substance up.

Deeper sleep. Steadier moods. Less anxiety. Whiter teeth.

I don’t want to.

And I know that the part of me that doesn’t want to is behaving very much like a child being sent to her room, screaming “It’s not FAIR!”

Because it’s not fair. It sucks that after ditching so many other not-really-great-for-me substances, like sugar and booze, that I should have to give up this last, lingering one.

This last, lingering … drug.

Yes. It’s a drug. Legal, but a drug nonetheless.

A drug that tastes great. Smells great. Makes me feel great when I drink it.

A hot, dark, roasty, and inky black drug.

I refuse to give it up.

I can’t.

Instead [screamed the addict] I will MODERATE it!

I will. I swear.

I will I will I will I will I will I will I will I will ….

[See you next week.]




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