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“This is the great world and I am only Kim.”

– Rudyard Kipling

A really friendly-looking self-portrait of the photographer.

I’m a shutterbug.

AKA a Calgary-based photographer focusing on actors’ headshots, event photography, and small-business imagery. I do candid, on-location, natural-light photography.

I also have a very humble and spasmodic side-gig as an actor. (Which is why I enjoy shooting actors’ headshots. Because I love actors! And spasmodic, because, well — Calgary.)

I play ice hockey. (I love ice hockey.)

I made a film about ice hockey. (I might make another one.)

I am a work in progress. (Or maybe just a puzzle.)

And I understand that you are one too.

Rubix Cube

Welcome to kfp.


(P. S. my camera loves you.)

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