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This is the humble, little itty bitty, (very) LO-FI, FIRST short film I ever made. It was shot in 2011 as part of a (now defunct) summer documentary school:



HOCKEYHEART is a short documentary video that explores the genesis of a childhood dream made manifest. Actor Kim Faires once dreamed of playing ice hockey as a young girl, but was never afforded the opportunity due to the social restraints of the time. Now, almost 30 years later — in an ever-evolving society where women’s hockey is becoming more and more accepted and nurtured — she finds herself living out a different, but equally satisfying, version of that childhood dream.

HOCKEYHEART speaks to the value of letting your dreams exist on their own terms, and the importance of nurturing the personal passions that keep us human and help us to cope in a difficult world.

One comment on “hockeyheart

  1. Brad
    April 24, 2016

    Wow! Great story that gets to the heart of the game for both women AND men. Thanks.


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